How to clean a ceramic pipe

It is a simple thing to clean a pipe, assuming you actually care and put the work in to do it. First lets start by talking about resin and clogged pipes. As you smoke, there are byproducts including ash, carbon, tar, and more. Those byproducts still enter the pipe just like the smoke that you want. The difference is that the resin builds on the inside walls of the pipe over time.
Normally the resin builds up a coating inside the pipe and can easily be cleaned with a cleaning solution. If you let the resin continue to build over the course of a year, then you will have a thick layer that then needs to be scraped out of your pipe. And if it gets that thick then it will interrupt the quality function of a piece and can even lead to it clogging.
So how will you clean a pipe routinely so it doesn't clog and ruin you piece? There is a common way and some other ways too. You can scrape it as I mentioned above but that only allows you to reach certain areas on the inside camber. And if it was a water pipe that was needing cleaning, you more then likely will have lots of trouble scraping that. One other way that is a bit odd is to put your piece in a pot of water and turn the heat on to boil the piece. Now I don't like doing this way, but if you want your resin back to use, do it this way and put a cheese cloth on top of the water to catch the resin and then dry it out.
But the main way to clean a pipe or water pipe is to use a liquid cleaning solution. The do it yourself solution has stood the test of time and always seems to work. It is isopropyl alcohol 70% or greater, and table salt. Use 4 tablespoons of salt per cup of iso. Adjust as needed. 
 If your doing this for a water pipe, then dump the solution directly into the chamber where the water sits. Clog the holes and shake for 5 minutes or until you've had enough. If it is for a pipe, then get a plastic baggy or even Tupperware to put the solution in. Then put the pipe in the solution. Seal the bag or lid and shake the bag so that it seems like the solution is going in and out of the pipe. Do this for 5 minutes or until you have had enough and can see clean results. Rinse pipe out after and dry. You can also put pieces in the dishwasher or  repeat this process with dish soap and water for a cleaner smell. 
Folks, it is that quick and easy to clean a glass or ceramic pipe. So make sure you try to stay on top of it so you can enjoy your piece the way it was made to function. Also, don't forget to change the water in your water pipe every couple days to keep it fresh and free from becoming just plain gross or even stagnant from sitting with no use over time.

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