About Us

About us

Ceramic Smokeware is your go to brand for ceramic pipes, ceramic water pipes, and ceramic smoking accessories. Our goal is to lead a path for the ceramic pipe making industry to grow into something as big as glass blown pipes have become.






Our story started in 2011, in a high school ceramics class. Like others before him, J thought it would be clever to hide a bong inside one of his projects. Although his attempts were always wasted, his passion for ceramics continued and eventually built Ceramic Smokeware. 

In their early days, there were no tools, tutorials, or advice to help them get started, and so they spent the next year and a half teaching themselves the art of ceramic pipe making. With 7 years of experience, J and Colibri are now teaching others how to make their own pieces.




JMPagni + Colibri Cruz

Ceramists in love, simply enjoying their craft. With J's appreciation for form and function and Colibri's obsession with design, they create the perfect team.