Are ceramic pipes safe to smoke out of?

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In the industry of ceramics, safety is a standard practice!
There seems to be a lack of understanding about ceramic pipes
and we hope this can clear things up a bit.
Ceramics has been around for ten's of thousands of years 
and has become far more safe and advanced in this modern day!
Even the earliest ceramic bongs were found in Africa over 3,000 years ago.
A lot has been learned since then and now there is little to worry about.
Ceramic is complex and know that there are 3 different main types of clay,
all of them commonly free from any harmful materials. 
Today most materials come as non-toxic and lead free
unless an artist was to go out of there way to make a special glaze or clay.
As you will see below many manufactured glazes are labeled food safe.
The industry of ceramics strives to do the right thing and
that is to keep makers and users safe while interacting with finished pottery.
So to answer the main question:
YES, ceramic pipes are safe to smoke out of in nearly all cases!
If someone was to have any concerns when buying a pipe, glass or ceramic, 
then ask the manufacture / artist if the pipes are made with safe materials.
If you have any further concerns you can always contact us for our expert opinion
about a ceramic pipe manufacture you may have concerns about.
As for our ceramic pipes and water pipes we only use
non-toxic, lead free, and completely safe materials!
Lastly despite the industry standards, there are moral values that lay within
the importance of keeping users safe from harm.  
Hope this helped clear up any misconceptions about ceramic pipe safety
and at the end of the day we hope you can trust the new ceramic market
to value human safety over anything.



  • I sure do like all the work you DO. You are talented for sure!!!! Im one of your biggest fans. I look forward to doing business with you!!!

    Adrienne Madej on

  • Is it safe to use glazes with barium in them with pipes? And is is better or worse than with acidic foods?

    Katie on

  • Can you make a replica of a water pipe from a picture? Please contact if interested. Thank you.

    Heather Matthews on

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