Violet 1oz Dry Glaze (Cone 6-10)

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Violet 1oz Dry Glaze (Cone 6-10)
Violet 1oz Dry Glaze (Cone 6-10)

Glossy violet at cone 6 and a light pink at cone 10

Cone 10 reduction will turn this glaze clear and sometimes oxidation can too

Fire this glaze at lower temperatures or in a kilns cold spot if firing to cone 10

Sold by the oz and placed in a container (9oz will make one pint of liquid glaze)

On average, one ounce glazes 2 small pipes or 1 large pipe

This glaze fires between the range of cone 6 and cone 10 

Comes with CMC gum mixed in to help paint the glaze on

Instructions for mixing this material will be emailed to you once shipped

We recommend that you buy a $.50 milliliter measuring cup to measure with

If you would like to buy this glaze for dipping, spraying, or glazing the insides of pipes, then leave a note at checkout asking to not add CMC gum

Non toxic and food safe

Be in a well ventilated area and use a respirator when working with this material 

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