Stand Free Bisque Pipes

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Bisque fired pipes, water pipes, and dabber ready for glazing

Available in:

High fire stoneware cone 5-10

Low fire stoneware cone 06 



*Bubbler:        Width: 2"              Height: 5" 

Built with an internal down stem (single hole diffusion, holds 1Tbs of H2O)


*Hammer Bubbler:           Length: 5"         Height: 2.5"       

Built with an internal down stem (single hole diffusion, holds 1tsp of H2O)


*Sherlock:          Length: 4"       Width:  2" .    Height: 7"  

Steam Roller:     Length: 5"       Width: 2"

Chillum:             Length: 3"

Dabber:             Length: 3"  Base diameter: 30mm after shrinkage


* Note: Items with a star should be briefly rinsed internally before glazing

This will help prevent the down stem from clogging if your glaze is to thick

It is recommended that you water your glaze down a little, prior to glazing the inside


P.S. Modeling lines may exist on these bisque pipes. A good layer of glaze will cover this, worst case it is easy to sand smooth with sand paper.

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You clean our ceramics the same

way you would clean a glass pipe.

The inside of our pipes also have glaze

allowing for an easy clean.

Any glass cleaning formula will work but the cheapest

cleaning solution is Isopropyl and salt.

To clean, place plenty of your cleaning solution into a

reusable plastic bag and then place your pipe in the bag.

Shake for 5 minutes or until clean. 

Then rinse pipe inside and out with water.

You may also use with dish soap or a dishwasher after you

have done the initial cleaning to remove any unwanted smell.

Allow tool to dry.

*For large water pipes: 

Place cleaning solution inside the water pipe instead of a bag.

Cover any holes and follow previous instructions.