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Translucent Porcelain Slip (△5-9)

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Translucent Porcelain Slip (△5-9)
Translucent Porcelain Slip (△5-9)
Translucent Porcelain Slip (△5-9)

Our mid to high fire porcelain slip is sold dry by the pound

This clay can be glaze fired anywhere from cone 5 up to cone 9 

Bisque fire this slip to cone 06, 05, or 04  

Fires to a plain white paper like color

Comes in a plastic bag 

Purchase in five pound increments to save 10%

The thinner you pour this slip, the more translucent it will be

Instructions for mixing this material will be emailed to you once shipped

When mixed properly, this slip takes about 20 minutes to dry to a 3/16" thick wall of clay before dumping excess slip out of the mold

4.4 pounds of slip will make about a half gallon of slip (we recommend having extra slip left over incase you mix it wrong you have more dry slip to fix your mistakes)

You will need to purchase Darvan #7 with slip for it to work right (1.5 milliliters per pound)

We recommend that you buy a $.50 milliliter measuring cup to measure with

Be in a well ventilated area and wear a respirator when working with this material

Porcelain is our most difficulty slip to work with

Learn how to mix slip

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