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High Fire Stoneware Slip (△6-10)

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High Fire Stoneware Slip (△6-10)
High Fire Stoneware Slip (△6-10)
High Fire Stoneware Slip (△6-10)

Our high fire stoneware slip is sold dry by the pound

This clay can be glaze fired anywhere from cone 6 up to cone 10

Bisque fire this slip to cone 06, 05, or 04 

Great for drying quickly with minimal to no cracking 

Fires as an off white

Comes in a plastic bag  

Purchase five pound increments to save 10%

Instructions for mixing this material will be emailed to you once shipped

When mixed properly, this slip takes about 35 minutes to dry to a 3/16" thick wall of clay before dumping excess slip out of the mold

You will need to purchase Darvan #7 with slip for it to work right (2 milliliters per pound)

We recommend that you buy a $.50 milliliter measuring cup to measure with

4.4 pounds of slip will make about a half gallon of slip

Be in a well ventilated area and wear a respirator when working with this material

Learn how to mix slip

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