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Dually Pipe Mold

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Dually Pipe Mold
Dually Pipe Mold
Dually Pipe Mold
Dually Pipe Mold
Dually Pipe Mold
  • Back in stock 05/12/20
    This 4.5 pound plaster mold is of medium sized spoon pipe that is used for slip casting

    Comes with 2 medium duty rubber bands to close the mold

    Pipe dimensions:

    Length - 5”  (5”)

    Outer diameter at bowl - 1"  (1")

    Width of shaft tubes - .75-1"  (3/4")    

    Width -2” (2”)

  • Depth of bowl - >1"  (>1")

  • Inside diameter of bowl - 1”  (1”)

    Make this mold into a kit by adding five pounds of slip of your choice (comes with .5oz of Darvan #7 and a one gallon bucket at no extra charge)

  • Want to sell the pipes you make with this mold on our site? Make something unique and email us pictures and a wholesale price. We will go from there to approve it, buy a few, and list them with ours.

    ​This mold design is not designed with the same quality as our Large & Small pipe molds. Works as well, just less level mold surface and smaller connection points


      *Please be  aware that mixed slips from other companies will more then likely not drain out of our molds correctly. Purchase our slip for desired results. 

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