Ceramic Dab Rig

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These rigs are used for dabbing essential oil with the use of a 14mm female dab nail

Has a non-removable downstem with a 5 hole diffusion stem

Fill with no more than 10 ounces of water

To remove oil from fitting, use your favorite glass cleaner and scrub off 

14mm nail not included

Height: 11 inches
Width: 3.5 inches
Mouth piece diameter: 1.25 inches

Standard colors are built with a stained porcelain

All finished pipe colors and glazes may vary from what is shown in the image 

due to the nature of ceramics 




[Contact Us if you need help]

You clean our ceramics the same

way you would clean a glass pipe.

The inside of our pipes also have glaze

allowing for an easy clean.

Any glass cleaning formula will work but the cheapest

cleaning solution is Isopropyl and salt.

To clean, place plenty of your cleaning solution into a

reusable plastic bag and then place your pipe in the bag.

Shake for 5 minutes or until clean. 

Then rinse pipe inside and out with water.

You may also use with dish soap or a dishwasher after you

have done the initial cleaning to remove any unwanted smell.

Allow tool to dry.

*For large water pipes: 

Place cleaning solution inside the water pipe instead of a bag.

Cover any holes and follow previous instructions.

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