Our Mission

Ceramic Smokeware aims to lead the new market of
ceramic smoking accessories and it's distribution! 
Our goal is to educate prospective ceramic smokeware artists
and provide affordable quality products to end users
and wholesale shops for a good cause. The mission
is to form a sustainable market that will encourage
other companies to follow our examples of striving
for zero emission operations. We believe that with
your support our environmental approach to business
will secure a future for all, one ceramic pipe at a time.



About Us

Similar to many stories of making a ceramic pipe,
it all began in high school. After three years
and one attempt at making a pipe in school, it
was time to pursue a future of making ceramic pipes.
4 years of dedication and persistence made
way for improvements of producing functional ceramic
products and experiencing business first hand to create
a future that has led us to where we are now!
For 2018 we have plans for great new products (not just our own),
lessons and tools for artists, but most importantly
an early start to our eco-friendly operations.