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Classic Pipe Mold

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Classic Pipe Mold
Classic Pipe Mold
Classic Pipe Mold
Classic Pipe Mold

Our classic pipe now in mold form so you can make that pipe you always wanted to in ceramics class without looking over your shoulder. This plaster mold is for slip casting only and comes with 2 medium duty rubber bands.

Pipe dimensions:

Length - 4"  (4")

Outer diameter at bowl - 1"  (1")

Width of stem - .75-1"  (3/4")

Depth of bowl - >1"  (>1")

Inside diameter of bowl - .5 - .75"  (1/2-3/4”)

For pipe making harmony you can find your mold's best friend here

This mold is one of the first we have ever made so it will not have the same quality as our newer Large & Small pipe molds. It's what's on the inside that matters right? Works as well just less level mold surface and smaller connection points.

Make pipes to your hearts content but our mold forms are not intended for replication

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