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Low Fire Glazes

Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)

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Glow in the dark pottery glaze
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
Glow In The Dark Glaze (Cone 06)
  • Available only in fluid ounce quantities of 2oz, 16oz, and 32oz
  • This is a glossy white glaze with a celadon blue glow and fires to cone 06
  • Glow will charge from the sun light or under a UV light (UV LIGHT ONLY)
  • Once fired the glow will only last a short while before needing to be recharged. After several days of being out of the kiln with daily UV exposure, the charge of the glow will hold for hours and even over night
  • This is a thick glaze designed to be painted with a brush
  • Before using this glaze, it needs to be shaken / mixed every time for a minute or until you see that the glow has been well mixed (visible when in the dark)
  • Requires frequent mixing while using to ensure an even application of glow
  • Nontoxic and lead free, food and smoke safe
  • Do not leave containers open for long periods of time or it will dry up, you can always add a few drops of water if needed or desired
  • 2oz of glaze coats the outside of 2-5 pipes depending on size
  • Apply 2 to 3 layers of glaze
  • To avoid bubbling apply thinner layers, fire slowly in kiln, and cool the kiln as slow as possible for best results. Bubbling may still occur. 
  • Can be applied on top of cone 6 fired clay and even cone 6 fired glaze. You will still need to fire the glow glaze to cone 06. 



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